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Welcome to FlexWebTech!!

Our mission is to provide our clients with effective web-based solutions to their business needs, whether they be communications tools such as web-sites or blogs, or business platform tools such as on-line retail stores or client management systems.
All our work is tailored to each of our clients' needs, using a blend of open-source and custom built tools to deliver the best possible solution at an affordable price.

HTML/CSS Programming
The bread and butter of web-site development, we can build you a new site or rework an existing one.
PHP/MySQL Programming
Whether it be an on-line store or a client management tool, we create sophisticated database-driven systems which facilitate and simpilfy business processes.
WebSite Administration
Many of our clients have no desire nor ability to manage the details of establishing web-hosting services, maintaining web-sites or email programs. We will do this for you.
Javascript/Ajax Programming
These tools make websites interactive and allow for a rich user experience. Tools like Google, Facebook, and Hotmail make extensive use of Javascript. We have substantial expertise in this area, and have developed custom user interfaces, and adapted resources like Google maps to fulfill client needs.
System Integration
Sometimes web-based tools are not the answer to clients' needs. In these cases, we have developed custom automated solutions using Microsoft Office tools like Excel and Word to deliver invoicing, form -completion or mailing-list results.
Local PC Support (Broward and Palm Beach)
Whether it is installing new software, recovering lost files, helping you to stream video to your TV, or repairing your pc, we can do it.

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